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Scot Henry Jr. - CEO

At the young age of 19, Scot traveled to the state of Texas where he completed courses in fine art and illustration. Soon after returning, as fate would have it, he was hired by a company that specialized in the restoration of art and fine furniture. Scot’s apprenticeship included the high quality repairs of sculptures, bronzes, ceramics, painting’s and fine furnishings, most of them antiques. This was the starting point of Scot’s journey into the the art of restoration and fine wood finishing. It were these first years that he discovered his passion for antique’s. This lead him to travel throughout Italy studying the works of the early masters. Scot returned to his home in south Florida where he continued to perfect his skills and techniques, restoring high end antiques for dealers and galleries.

As his interests grew, he continued his training in the art of high end restorations and became a member of the Association of Restorer’s, where he studied under it’s founder Andre Dailey. For years Scot has worked along side interior designers and showrooms of the Design Centers of the Americas assisting in their most complicated repair and restoration jobs. Scot would have his first introduction to motor yachts while commissioned to repair damage to the high gloss interior of a Sunseeker named “Atso “. The captain was so pleased with the quality of the job that he would later give him other referrals and his career in the yachting industry had begun.